Give to Koko Head School

As a public school, our school is funded by tax payer dollars.  Given the state of the economy we recognize that many Koko Head School families are experiencing challenging fiscal constraints.  Still, many parents and community members desire ways to actively support the school. Gifts of all sizes are needed to sustain innovative and established systems and programs.  Mahalo for your support and consideration.

Meet with the Principal
Please contact the Principal for various ways to donate your resources and time to support the mission of our school.

Become Involved with the Friends of Koko Head School
Parents and Community members are vital partners.  Please contact the Friends of Koko Head School to find out more information on how to donate time and resources.

Write a Check
Whether toward supporting individual classroom teachers or supporting other school systems and programs, you can make your check payable to Koko Head Elementary School and indicate either on your check or in a note any way you would like your gift directed.  Please contact the Principal for more information.