This is an image that directs our families to take attendance when their child is absent or if they are ordering a lunch.
Click on the image above or click here. <-click this link
Please submit your daily attendance and lunch order (if applicable) by 8:30AM.
Student Council Elections image

Vote now in our Student Council Officer Elections! Click on this link to cast your ballot or on the image above <- click on this link

Image of a school menu graphic, click on this image to access our school's menu.
Click on the image above or click here<-click this link to see our school’s menu
This is a photo of our Welcome Back to School Cobras! links to access our welcome back videos and slides.
Welcome Back to School Cobras! Click on this link or click on the image above to access our virtual slides and videos to prepare you for the upcoming school year. Go Cobras!

Here’s our student schedule for the first four weeks of the school year<-click on this link.

  • The first page provides general information.
  • Schedules for Option 1 (Blended/Face-to-Face) students are on pages 2 & 3.
  • Schedules for Option 2 (Full Distance Learning) students are on pages. 4 & 5.

On Tuesday, September 8, 2020, the DOE will announce whether school will remain in distance learning for the rest of the quarter or if students will return to a blended model of learning from September 14, 2020.

Aloha Parents/Guardians, for those of you who missed yesterday’s event with Principal Shitaoka, you can access the presentation here <-click on this link.

We look forward to the start of the school year starting next week Monday, August 17!

Join us this week for our second live WebEx virtual event on: Tuesday, August 11 @3:00-3:45PM.  The event will be recorded and shared with families who aren’t able to participate.

Here’s the link to access the meeting.<-click here 

Or join by phone:  United States Toll Free 1-844-621-3956 

Event number: 120 638 1142

Event password: gocobras 

Similar to the first presentation, here’s a few notes to prepare you for the event:

  • The same Webex virtual meeting event access information will be posted on our school website by Tuesday at 10:00AM, in case you can’t find this email.
  • We recommend that you join the meeting at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting so you can test your connection and device.  If you’re running into technical issues, check out this informational page <-click here.  If all else fails, call in.
  • All attendees will be muted and videos will be disabled to allow only the viewing of meeting hosts/presenters.  This is done to protect privacy and to facilitate meeting logistics.
  • Parents/guardians will be able to type questions to the hosts/presenters.  We will read the questions that attendees submit.  Just contact Principal Shitaoka after the event if we are unable to get to your question. 

We are inviting all parents (Option 1 and Option 2) who are requesting to borrow a chromebook to complete and submit this survey even if you filled out our original survey last month requesting to borrow one. 

The deadline is Monday, August 10 @10:00AM

Here’s the survey: Chromebook Loan Request Survey <- click on this link to access the survey.

We want to make sure we don’t miss anyone.  Families who miss this deadline will be given an opportunity to loan a chromebook, but we might not be able to issue you one until after the start of the school year.

KidBiz 3000

Kid Biz 3000
Our students use KizBiz 3000 as an online supplemental reading comprehension intervention to provide targeted supports.
For student login, click here.


Our students use iXL as an online supplemental intervention to reinforce basic math skills.
For student login, click here.

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